July 29th - August 1st 2016

Grandstand Ticket Prices 

Friday - 1:00pmRodeo$15
Friday - 7:00pmChuckwagons$20
Saturday- 1:00pmRodeo$20
Saturday - 6:00pmRunning With The Bulls and Chuckwagons$30
Sunday - 1:00pmRodeo$20
Sunday - 6:00pmRunning With The Bulls and Chuckwagons$30
Monday - 1:00pmChuckwagons$25
Monday - 4:00pmRodeo$20

Rush Ticket Prices and Schedule

Friday - 1:00pmRodeo$13
Friday - 7:00pmChuckwagons$18
Saturday - 1:00pmRodeo$18
Saturday - 6:00pmRunning With The Bulls and Chuckwagons $28
Sunday - 1:00pmRodeo$18
Sunday - 6:00pmRunning With The Bulls and Chuckwagons$28
Monday - 1:00pmChuckwagons$23
Monday - 4:00pmRodeo$18


Grandstand Seating and Rush Ticket Booths accept Debit, Credit and Cash. 

Rush Tickets can only be purchased on the date of the event.

 ATM's conveniently located nearby.


the RODEo

With more than $250,000 in prize money up for grabs, Strathmore Stampede is Canada's 3rd Largest Rodeo. We’re just 25 minutes east of Calgary on the Number 1 Highway.

World, Canadian, and Calgary Stampede champions are among the over 400 contestants competing in seven major rodeo events including: saddle bronc, bareback, bull riding, tie down roping, steer wrestling, team roping and ladies barrel racing. Many of these top ranked competitors and rodeo stock will also compete at both the Canadian and National Finals Rodeos as well as the Calgary Stampede.



Bareback Riding

This event is the most physically demanding of all the rodeo events, a cowboy must ride a horse with no saddle for eight seconds. This is a judged event the cowboy with the highest score wins.

Bull Riding

The most dangerous of all the rodeo events. A rope with a handhold is wrapped around the bull and the cowboy can only hold on with one hand while trying to survive riding the bull for eight seconds. This is a judged event and the highest score wins.

Barrel Racing

This is the only woman’s event that we currently have at the Strathmore Stampede.  In Barrel Racing, cowgirls navigate a course consisting of circling three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern. This is a timed event, so the fastest cowgirl to successfully complete the course wins. 


Saddle Bronc

Like Bareback and Bull Riding, this is another event where the cowboy must survive a ride for eight seconds without getting bucked off. This time the horse is saddled. This is a judged event, and the cowboy with the highest score wins.


Steer Wrestling

The objective of this event is simple: wrestle a steer to the ground. Timing, speed, and control are all needed as the steer must be wrestled to the ground in the correct manner. This is a timed event, and the cowboy that can get it done correctly the fastest wins.

Tie-Down Roping

This event shares many similarities with Steer Wrestling, except instead of wrestling a steer to the ground, the cowboy must catch up to a cow and tie it up in a certain way. This is a timed event, and the cowboy that can tie the calf in the correct manner the fastest wins.

Team Roping

This event shares traits with both Steer Wrestling and Tie-Down Roping, and requires two people to complete. One person must capture the steer's head with his rope while the other is responsible for tying the steer’s hind legs. This is a timed event, and the team that can perform their duties the fastest wins.

Novice Bareback

Exactly like Bareback Riding, except the participants in this event are all aged 20 or younger. This is an excellent opportunity to catch some of the next generation of rodeo superstars in action.


Novice Saddle Bronc

Exactly like Saddle Bronc, except the participants in this event are all aged 20 or younger.

Wild Pony Race

The Wild Pony Race is where you can watch the next generation of rodeo cowboys pursuing a wild pony. Several teams of youngsters in groups of three aged 8-12 try to tame a pony long enough to get their rider on the pony for a 2 jump ride. The team that has the fastest time doing this wins.




The Strathmore Stampede annually welcomes the World Professional Chuckwagon Association Tour!

During each heat, four wagons, 12 men, and 36 horses thunder through the figure-8 start in the infield and around the 5/8 mile track right in front of the crowd. Professional Chuckwagon Racing is a spectacle unsurpassed anywhere and will be a western memory you will never forget!




Bull Bait.jpg

Come see the one and only Running With the Bulls in Canada. This is our 13th consecutive year hosting this exciting event in our arena. Get your fix by watching fearless contestants run for their lives! You can reserve tickets now for Saturday or Sunday – wagon races are included in the ticket price. 

If you are brave enough to run, you can register at the designated area from 1:00pm -4:00pm each day.


Participants receive: A Running With the Bulls T-shirt, a free ticket to Saturday Night Cabaret, and the chance to win $1000 cash!