2017 AGM News Release






December 12, 2017

Strathmore, Alberta


The Annual General Meeting of the Strathmore and District Agricultural Society was held December 12, 2017 at the Civic Centre in Strathmore, Alberta.


Officers confirmed for the 2017-2018 year are Cara Burne, President; Steve Farran, Vice President; and Sheila Crispin, Secretary-Treasurer.


Re-elected to terms on the Board of Directors are incumbents Dennis McNeill, Brenda Knight, Steve Farran and Lorne Lausen. 


Also elected to the Board of Directors is Stephane Leblanc.


Rounding out the Board of Directors are Lois Wegener, Shelley Ingram, Don Geiger, Carolyn Johnson, and Brad Walls.


“We are extremely pleased with the turn-out of members to the AGM”, says Cara Burne, President of the Strathmore & District Agricultural Society. “It is in part a reflection of the importance of the Society in the Community, and of our collaboration with many, many partners -  and of the membership taking an interest in the affairs of the Society”.  “More than one hundred members attended the AGM this year”, adds Burne.


The Society experienced a successful financial year in 2017 – reporting a $105,000 operational surplus on revenues of $1.942Million.  The gross revenues of the organization are the highest in ten years with one exception (2012).  Major revenue categories include pro rodeo/pro chuckwagon admissions, campground, sales of food and beverage, sponsorship and facility-rentals. 


“We are extremely gratified by the response of the community to our events on-park”, says Herb McLane, SDAS General Manager.  “Partnerships, too, are so very, very important.  Groups such as the Strathmore & Cheadle Lions Clubs, Blackfoot Warrior Horsemanship Film Society, High School Rodeo, Wheatland Quilters, Air Cadets, Scouts, Christmas Hamper Society (the largest in Canada), Minor Baseball, and many more, are important in adding value to the organizations involved and to the Community more generally.  We strive to ensure that the experiences enjoyed by folks while here are exceptional.  We celebrate these values with everyone involved.” 


“Many of our events are labor and often capital-intensive; events such as the Strathmore Stampede, that is also weather and economy-dependent.  We are always mindful of the need to control our costs”, says McLane, “and we constantly strive to do that, too.”


There will be a number of events returning to SDAS in 2018 such as pro rodeo and wagon racing on August Long Weekend, barrel racing and other equine events, minor ball and slo-pitch.  SDAS will also be undertaking the completion of the Link between the Remuda Centre and the LP in 2018.  This will add much-needed space to SDAS and the Community.



Herb McLane, General Manager