Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’ve been attending the Strathmore Stampede for the last 20 years or this is your first time visiting, there is always a new activity, event, or entertainment act to check out.

Here are 10 commonly asked questions about this year’s Strathmore Stampede.

1.) When is the Strathmore Stampede and when do tickets go on sale?

The Strathmore Stampede is held annually throughout August long weekend. The dates for this year’s Stampede are August 2nd to August 5th, 2019. Tickets for our guests who purchase event packages will get first dibs on their seats from the previous year first when we send out our ticket renewal forms. We establish a deadline for those to be purchased and then after that we then release them to the public. Typically, tickets to the public will go on sale at the beginning of the new year in January.

2.) Is there different pricing for children and seniors?

Children 2 years old or younger who can sit on their parents lap throughout the performance do not need to purchase a ticket. We do not offer discount prices for our grandstand seating; however, we do have discount seat prices for children and seniors in our rush seating area. Rush seating is first come, first serve, and ONLY available the day of the event. So, if you’re willing to take a chance and wait until the day of the event to get your tickets then by all means go ahead!

3.) Are pets allowed on the grounds?

Although we love our furry friends, we do not allow any animals on the grounds unless they are a service pet. We already have enough horses, bulls, and cattle on the grounds and don’t want to spook them in any way.

4.) Am I allowed to smoke on the grounds?

We do permit smoking of cigarettes and vaping on our grounds but ONLY in our designates smoking areas. The Strathmore Stampede is NOT a marijuana friendly environment.

5.) Are there other activities and events besides the Pro Rodeo and Chuckwagon races?

The Strathmore Stampede has so much to offer. Not only do we have our Pro Rodeo and Chuckwagon races, but we have have the RCMP Musical Rides this year and our crowd favorite, the Running with the Bulls. We also have entertainment acts, a midway, and a Tradeshow! Our entertainment acts run all day long on our Heritage Stage. We have many performers on stage everyday including, Tim Holland the ventriloquist, Christopher Cool the magician, the hypnotist Colin Christopher, and The Hockey Circus Show.

Our midway perfect fun for people of all ages. We have rides for everyone! The midway opens everyday at 10AM throughout the Stampede.

Lastly, our Tradeshow is the perfect place to go while the kiddos are enjoying the midway. Check out the products and services from out 30+ booths.

6.) I’m travelling from out of town to visit the Strathmore Stampede, where can I stay?

With no host hotel to offer our visitors, we have created a large space for camping throughout the Strathmore Stampede. We have a reserved dry camping that is $75 for the whole weekend. If interested in booking a site give our office a shout and we can help you out! We also offer free dry camping for the weekend, but it is first come, first serve, and only opens on the Wednesday before the Stampede.

7.) Is there lots of parking available?

Yes! We have tons of parking available North of our grandstand which is about a 5 to 10 minute walk to the admissions building. Don’t worry about having to make that walk though as we have people movers coming through the area regularly to bring people over. As well, we have a designated senior parking lot and VIP parking lot that are closer to the admissions building. All our parking would not be able to happen without our amazing volunteers, so make sure to thank them when you see them!

8.) What kind of food do you have at the Strathmore Stampede?

Just like the Calgary Stampede, we do provide a variety of food trucks. However, not as many as they do for their ten day extravaganza. This year we have twelve food trucks coming to join us for the four-day event! Burgers, mini donuts, mac n’ cheese, cotton candy, deep fried Oreo’s, and much more. Good luck trying to choose from all of the yumminess!!

9.) Where are the best seats?

The Strathmore Stampede is lucky with the fact that there really isn’t a bad seat in the house! Depending on how you like to Stampede it may change your thoughts. If you’re the type that enjoys being a part of the action and that feeling of dirt on your face, then you’ll enjoy our seating in the infield. If you prefer a more relaxed viewing area then you’ll want to check out our seating in the grandstand. However, with that being said, no matter where you choose to sit you will enjoy the performance.

10.) What the the RCMP Musical Ride? How can I watch their performance?

The RCMP Musical Ride is an “event showcasing the equestrian skills performed by 32 cavalry who are regular members of the force”. We are happy and excited to have the performers stop in Strathmore for the four days during the Strathmore Stampede as they won’t be touring Alberta again until 2023.

To view the performance, you must purchase a ticket. Prices vary depending what day you want to go. On Friday it is $20 for the Ride and the Chuckwagons, Saturday and Sunday it costs $25 for the Ride and Rodeo, and on our Championship Monday it costs $35 to watch the Ride, the Chuckwagons, and the Rodeo. It is a must see!!!