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Canadian Rockies International Rodeo and Music Festival

ARGRA is a Calgary based not-for-profit society that is 100% volunteer driven. ARGRA was founded in 1991. The first sanctioned Canadian Rockies International Rodeo was held in 1994. After years of consistent growth we now have a membership base of over 400. It is truly an international event with people coming from all corners of the globe to attend. This makes us the largest gay rodeo association in the world!

Our philosophy is that everyone is entitled to a safe place, where all genders, orientations and backgrounds are celebrated and welcomed. We are diverse and we invite everyone to join us, without fear of prejudice or discrimination, where we all have an opportunity to better the lives of others.

ARGRA is a member of the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) which is comprised of over 28 regional associations and chapters throughout North America. Through their events, the IGRA and its members have committed themselves to the raising of funds from their activities to distribute back to the community for charitable use (over $2M). The Alberta association is the largest in North America and has contributed over $250K to local charities.